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Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Booklet - Crow Valley Therapies Cwmbran Pontypool

Weight Loss: A brand new and exclusive 6-session course, written, developed and delivered by Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist Gareth Wait.

Suppose I could tell you that I could help you lose weight? Nothing new there! Each and every day we are bombarded with ‘new’ diets, fad diets, celebrity diets, fasting/bingeing diets… the list goes on and on. And just how many of these diets have you tried? Probably lots, because the idea of losing weight is very seductive – the market is huge. Who wouldn’t want to be slim, healthy and attractive?

OK, so, suppose I told you that diets simply do not work in the long term? Restrictive dieting and ‘forbidden’ foods result in a depressingly familiar scenario, the so-called ‘yo-yo dieter’, the person who loses weight at the start, then slowly (or not so slowly) stops, only to find when they stop the diet, they not only regain the weight lost, but usually add a few pounds for good measure! So, they try another diet… usually with the same result. And another, and another!

These people have the best intentions in the world, but they end up constantly restricting what they eat, sometimes over exercising, sometimes bingeing when they get so miserable they ‘fall off the wagon’ and generally sacrifice their happiness and contentment for the sake of some numbers on a scale.

Sound familiar? I really do hate to sound cynical about this, but the only winners I can find in all this is the diet ‘industry’ – and an industry it is – from food manufacturers to fitness chains to magazine publishers to international weight loss groups –  it is a massive industry worth around £2 Billion per year in the UK alone! Yes, you read that right, Two Billion Pounds!

I’m about to become cynical again for a moment (and yes, I am painfully aware of the irony of me entering this ‘industry’, but I hope you will forgive me, as I only have your best interests at heart!), but just take off the blinkers for a moment, and consider the possibility of a ‘diet’ that actually worked. Just what would happen to these multinational companies with staff and shareholders? They would be finished.

Big businesses have massive influence, on individuals and governments. It just seems strange that if the diet industry succeeded in it’s stated aims (i.e. to help us lose weight and remain at the weight we choose), then when we had all achieved this, then the industry would just crumble – a business with no customers is just not sustainable!

Why Diets Fail at Weight Loss

When we restrict our diet, a very primitive thing happens in our brain – it goes into ‘starvation mode’, a state that prepares our body for the forthcoming famine, after all, if you were a caveman, the only time you would restrict what you ate would be when there were no fruits or berries to be found, or animals to hunt – probably winter, or, as it’s called today – ‘Winter Thinking’.

So this caveman would go into starvation mode, craving high-energy, high fat foods, in order to lay down body fat to allow him to survive over the

harsh, hungry winter, when little or no food was available.

These days, food is easy to find – at all times of the year. And, much of it is processed, refined or sweetened, making it easy to eat far more calories than we actually need. So we gain weight…. and then we diet!

Low-fat diet, low-calorie diet, low-carb diet, 5:2 diet, Shakes/Drinks and all the others rely on making certain foods or food types forbidden. And, human nature being what it is – forbidden food is what is craved the most.

And not allowing yourself what you want or crave is the number one reason that diets fail in the first place – they are simply not sustainable! Imagine I told you you could never eat something you love (chocolate, bread, cake, biscuits etc) EVER again!

Not nice is it? In fact it can be quite psychologically damaging, making you feel miserable and guilty if you ‘break’ your diet for a biscuit!

When the ‘starvation mode’ ends (Springtime for the caveman, when we start eating ‘normally’ for us), our caveman will eat whatever he finds – he’s been starving for the last three months! Sadly, this response is also true of us, and explains the ‘rebound’ weight gain we often experience after dieting.

What needs to happen is to ‘break’ the habits that have caused us to gain the weight in the past, and replace those habits with new ‘good’ habits – habits that will last us a lifetime.

Strangely, as this process takes hold, many of my clients report actually enjoying the food they eat more. I call this ‘mindful eating’ – being aware of each mouthful, and not being distracted.

Clients also report feeling fuller, longer – and, as no food is banned – no cravings. And because the primitive ‘starvation mode’ is not invoked, then it becomes very difficult to be a victim of ‘rebound’ weight gain, or to binge when the mode ends.

During the first session of weight loss hypnotherapy, many clients are amazed at the sentence, “Just keep eating what you usually do!” However, I do explain thoroughly that this is not an excuse to binge!

There are rules (guidelines), but these are very simple and easy to stick to!

As the sessions progress, it becomes more and more obvious to you (and your brilliant subconscious mind!) what is required to lose weight or maintain weight. And it becomes easier and easier to remain motivated, as you become more relaxed, less stressed and more confident!

The ‘Diet Industry’ is absolutely huge – and it relies on your failure to survive. Just think about it for a second – if diets worked, there would be no overweight people, surely? And, if there were no overweight people, who would buy the latest diet books, or ‘calorie-counted ready meals for one’ or slimming pills? That’s right, NO ONE!

So, suppose I told you it was perfectly possible to lose weight and maintain that loss with:

  • NO restrictive dieting
  • NO weighing of food
  • NO banned foods
  • NO enforced weigh-ins
  • NO reliance on certain foods (i.e. carbs)
  • NO ‘slimming pills’ or ‘slimming’ tea’
  • NO rebound weight gain

What would you think? Incredible? Impossible?

Well, with just careful, focused hypnotherapy and motivation, it is often very straightforward to change our attitudes to food, and our relationship with stress and anxiety, which can often lead to comfort eating – which can lead to guilt and anxiety, and result in more comfort eating, a vicious circle. When this cycle is broken, weight loss becomes almost automatic.

The ‘bad’ habits become replaced  with ‘good’ habits, allowing you to achieve the weight loss goals you have for yourself.

Client Testimonial:

“I have always been a ‘big girl’. I have always been told from childhood that I was ’big for my age, big boned’ whatever that means? I always had a problem with my weight. I have tried every diet under the sun. I have spent thousands (no exaggeration) on weightwatchers, slimming world, gym memberships, slimming books, health magazines, self-help CD’s, fad diets, hairy dieters and anything else that would ‘lose’ the weight and take me to the magical numbers ’12 – 14’ again. Over 10 years ago I even spent £485 on a ‘life changing’ 2-hour hypnotherapy course. It didn’t change my life – it restricted it, as I had to eat at regimented times and not at evening meal times. It showed a poor example to my then young family.

Therefore, as a young woman, a Mother and now heading towards middle age I was and still am overweight, morbidly obese and putting my health at risk. I was reluctant to do anything about it until recently. I then saw the advert for Gareth’s hypnotherapy weight loss course and I began to think about Gareth’s hypnotherapy weight loss course. At £800 it seemed like an awful lot of money for another failure. I was wrong, so wrong.

Seeing Gareth was a game changer. He explained that there was no rigidity, no restrictions, no calorie counts, no forbidden food, no hidden extras and no further lay out. Just 6 weeks of regular 90-minute sessions and follow up CD’s to use at home. Ok, I admit I was sceptical and cynical – and now I eat my words. Talking to Gareth is as easy as breathing. He understands and makes things simple and straightforward. I really enjoy the talking but not as much as the hypnotherapy.

I am into the second week of the course. I have followed the instruction to the letter lol. Eat what I normally do, drink more water and listen to the CD at least 5 times. Even I could follow that! I am now feeling fuller for longer. I want more healthier meals salad/veg and fruit. My comfort foods are no longer comforting, I have new comforts that soothe me and make me feel less bloated. Some foods don’t taste as nice as they used to – butter, chocolate and bread.

The CD I listen to, on break and at night. Wow – the quality of it is just like having my own personal Hypnotherapy session over and over. It also helps me relax and sleep. But the most important part of it, is that I feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel. For sure it’s early days, but I want to take control of my health and even though it’s only been 9 days. I can see cheekbones and my jeans are not so ‘snug’. I think this may just work, and I am excited enough to go for a little walk. I feel more positive and I am doing ‘nothing’.”

The programme itself is broken down into six individual sessions:

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy CD1 - Crow Valley Therapies Cwmbran PontypoolSession One – Weight Loss Kickstart – CD 1

Have you noticed that diets don’t work?

There are a number of very good reasons for this, and in this session we will explore exactly what they are, and what they mean for you.

This session will end with a CD hypnotherapy session to help you relax and reduce stress, and start to prepare your subconscious mind for the wonderful journey ahead!

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy CD2 - Crow Valley Therapies Cwmbran PontypoolSession Two – Be Mindful and Be Satisfied – CD 2

In this session, we will revisit the concept of ‘mindful eating’, a method developed over years of clinical one-on-one sessions with real people.  We will explore and discuss how hunger occurs, and how sometimes those hunger pangs or cravings are not what they appear to be.

We will also be checking that your body is more relaxed and stress free, and that you are finding it easier to rest and allow yourself some wonderful, restorative calmness and peace.

This session’s hypnotherapy CD will relax the body and introduce more useful suggestions to help you feel positive and enthusiastic about your weight loss goals.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy CD3 - Crow Valley Therapies Cwmbran PontypoolSession Three – Get Moving! – CD 3

Well done! You’re halfway there!

Session three can be around the time when sometimes motivation can begin to wane – so now is the perfect time to have a good look at motivation, confidence and the idea of exercise.

This session will highlight exactly how important being active can be – not just in losing weight, but also as a natural antidepressant and self-esteem booster. Hypnotherapy for helping you feel good about exercise.
This week’s hypnotherapy session will introduce new suggestions that will help you feel more motivated and enthusiastic about your attitude to exercise & health

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy CD4 - Crow Valley Therapies Cwmbran PontypoolSession Four – Make the Right Choice – CD 4

Time to further explore and address the motivation that many people feel they lack when it comes to controlling their weight.

This week is also when we begin bringing all the ‘strings’ together, checking for any weaknesses and helping to focus on that wonderful future of feeling healthy and achieving all the weight loss goals you have for yourself!

The highlights of this session are to ensure a continuing motivation, confidence, and above all, a wonderfully guilt-free experience!

This is a lovely general purpose session, with a CD you will want to use again and again!…

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy CD5 - Crow Valley Therapies Cwmbran PontypoolSession Five – Look at the Difference! – CD 5

Time to bring it all together! Over the last four sessions we have shared a lot of information, and session five brings all that information down to its very essence.

OK, so now we’re five sessions in, and you are sleeping better, feeling relaxed, feeling motivated, and most importantly, your wonderful subconscious mind is actually helping you with all the above AND you’re losing weight! Well done you!

This week is really about congratulating yourself, because you deserve to be proud of what you’re achieving! You absolutely deserve a pat on the back!

Sometimes, it can feel difficult to be self-congratulatory, as we are taught from a young age to be humble – but the subconscious part of your mind loves being told ‘well done’ and responds with even more of those lovely happy hormones!

Session Six – Maintenance – CD 6

Well, you’ve reached the end of this programme – or is it just the beginning?

This final session is all about capitalising on the amazing job you’ve done so far. Now that you have actually changed your fundamental relationship with food, and are feeling the wonderful benefits of positivity and motivation, it’s time to finally think about the long-term!

Now that you’ve made huge changes in your body and mind, we take a look at how you can continue on this new healthy path, and avoid falling back into the old ways.

About the Programme

The programme is available in two versions, depending on your needs:

The first option is a series of six live 1:1 sessions, held at Crow Valley Therapies in Cwmbran with the author of the course, Gareth Wait DHP MNCH AfSFH CNHC. The sessions are usually held fortnightly, but are flexible according to your needs and can be condensed into six weeks if necessary. The cost of this option is £799.

The second method is for a ‘mail order’ version – all six CD’s and session notes will be sent, together with full instructions and a private email address for advice and support. The cost of this option is £450.

These sessions are based on clinical sessions with real-life clients that I have helped over the past seven years in my busy private practice.

This course is designed to be used for six sessions over twelve weeks, with a new recording (and new notes) being used on the first day of each session.

For ease of use, each recording comes on it’s own CD, and at the end of the six sessions, you can mix and match the CD’s to your own preference.

Each session, the notes will give you something new to ponder and consider, and will complement the recording for that session. So, please ensure that you carefully  read the notes, and follow the instructions fully and carefully. I will try to keep the hypno-babble to an absolute minimum – and only use it when necessary!

Thank you for reading this, and if you need more information, please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

This is the start of a wonderful adventure for you, and the most important thing to remember is: have fun!