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Testimonials from past clients

“Anxiety had been with me for many, many years and ruled all aspects of my life, it prevented me from being the Partner, Friend and Dad I wanted to be. I would avoid almost any situation I could; this had a hugely negative affect on all aspects of my life. As I sit here now just five months after I first contacted Gareth I truly can’t believe how my life has been completely transformed. In the last few weeks I have given a speech to more than 100 people, gone back to work full time and the most importantly been able to look after my children on my own- For the first time in my sons life his dad was able to take him out on his own (I honestly never thought this would happen due to my anxiety). I have not had any symptoms of anxiety or panic for many weeks and things that would really panic me in the past I am genuinely enjoying.

I have seen many ‘specialists’ over the years that have not really helped me at all. From the first time I met Gareth it was clear that he truly understood what I was going through and had real empathy to my situation.  I will not lie and say that the path I have been on is an easy one; there was a fair amount of time and effect needed on my behalf to get to where I am now.

Gareth has helped me get my life back and I can’t thank him enough. If you are reading this and thinking it won’t work for me, I’m worse than this person or that this is just how I’m meant to be- Just give him a try I can’t recommend him enough! The call I made to Gareth in early January is the most important one I ever made in my life.”

“Just after two sessions you helped me deal with my anxiety. These sessions have enabled me to get back into work after six months off, and finally turning the corner to getting my life back – thank you Gareth!”

“…Just wanted to say a huge thank you for everything, it really has made such a difference to my life and happiness. Still amazes me how all works! Keep up the good work ? “

“I was sceptical when booking an appointment with Gareth as I didn’t believe in the whole “hypnotism” thing as I’ve had a stage hypnotist try in the past. I thought I was going to arrive at the appointment and Gareth would try to put me in a complete unconscious state and attempt to cure my facial tick by using a load of “hocus pocus” nonsense. This however, could not have been further from the truth, when I first met Gareth, I was shocked that he was a normal bloke and it became immediately apparent that he knew what he was on about. There was no nonsense, just a friendly, highly educated bloke, He explained how the human brain works and how the sub conscious mind affects us more than we realise. After a chat and taking a stress reading, I became aware that I had a stress/anxiety problem after serving in the military for over 4 years (still serving) that I never noticed, and had just became used to, this session made me aware of a problem I have, and using the techniques Gareth has given me I can learn to deal with it and control it. I’m in my 20’s and thought this whole thing wouldn’t work, I was wrong. I expected to be told I needed an expensive session once a week, but Gareth believed that his CD would be enough to use as a tool to calm my anxiety, and that if I needed any more sessions I was welcome to book another appointment, there was no pressure, just honest help.”

“I tried everything – medication, counselling, manning up ? But honestly Gareth has been so amazing! I feel and look like a completely different person. I don’t get anxious, I don’t get low, I have so much more energy – I’ve even stopped biting my nails! I’m ever so thankful to Gareth for helping me make positive changes to turn my life completely around!”

“I am sleeping so much better with your CD. Wish I had come across you years ago.”

“If it wasn’t for Gareth’s Hypnotherapy, I don’t believe my closest friend would be here today. Where everything else seemed to be not so good, Gareth’s Hypnotherapy gave the light and understanding my friend needed to begin his positive journey. Gareth is an outstanding and certainly a really awesome gentleman. Very calming and ensures you understand everything before going into a session. Honestly highly recommended above the highest star rating. Truly grateful for his work and passion he puts into it.”

“All I can say is wow! I have no idea how you hacked into my hardwiring but it is miraculous! A switch has been switched and I am a very very happy lady.”

“If it wasn’t for Gareth I’d still be a sleep-deprived wreck due to anxiety. Thank you so much for enabling me to get my life back on track”

“I really enjoyed my sessions with you and gained so much from them…I feel almost selfish not passing your details on when I see someone so sad, I feel like saying ‘noooo’ you got it all wrong! – Gareth with explain lol”

“Hi Gareth, … I can honestly say that even after just 2 sessions with you, my problem has practically eradicated itself, I feel more and more relaxed, and my general outlook on all situations is above positive. I’m smiling at all sorts of little things just because my mind is telling me to. It’s AWESOME!!! – Thank you so so much for your help and guidance, I shall be recommending you to anyone with an issue”

“Gareth, Just thought I’d let you know that my session last night worked wonders! Had the best night in a long while. Thank you for all your help and support.”