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Pssst – Do You Want To Know A Secret…? Weight Loss is Nearly Here!

Crow Valley TherapiesAfternoon all! Gareth here!

OK, I admit it – I have been up to something! And the secret is nearly out! I feel a little background is called for!

In the distant past, when I first qualified, just about every person who called me asked either “Do you do Gastric Band Hypnotherapy?” or “Can you make me lose weight?” The answers were, in the nicest possible way, “No – I am trained in that method, but the results are patchy” and “Errr no, not really. I can’t MAKE you do anything, but I can HELP you lose weight!”

So, for the next couple of years, I helped people with weight loss by treating it just like any other psychological issue – anxiety, phobia etc. The clients loved it, but I must admit this niggled at me, simply because I didn’t find the sessions efficient or particularly client friendly, and we often had other issues to address at the same time.

During this time I was specialising in and investigating depression, and came to realise that many of my low mood clients were either overweight or had deep issues with food. After treatment, many of them told me that not only did they feel better mentally, but they were feeling healthier, fitter… and losing excess weight! Without actually ‘dieting!’

So in all this time, I was trying to find a method of tying all this together in a single package, efficient and gentle, with great, acheivable results, with support and guidance.

Well, it’s been a good five years in the development, but the long awaited, Six Session Weight Loss Course is (nearly) here! Finally! All the sessions have been written, the CD’s have been recorded, and now the whole course is being refined and polished, with the help of some wonderful ‘testers’, all of whom have given me great feedback and enabled me to tweak the process to make it even better!

So, in order to get all the final niggles ironed out, I am publicly asking if anyone would like to help me out by being one my testers? In return, the cost of the full course will be reduced to £400 (half the price of the finished course) in return for an extra ten minutes at the end of each session to give me feedback!

For this final phase of development, I need a maximum of 6 testers, and when those places are filled, the course will close in readiness for the official launch (at the full price!)

To be eligible, you must be:

  •  Over 18
  •  Have excess weight to lose
  •  Not had a baby in the last 12 months(ish)
  •  Not taking any anti-psychotic medication

So if this sounds like you, just drop me a message via www.facebook.com/crowvalleytherapies or email weightloss@crowvalleytherapies.co.uk or give me a call at our office on 01633 485621 (Please leave a message out of hours).

As I was writing this, one of my current lovely testers just sent me the following testimonial:

“I have always been a ‘big girl’. I have always been told from childhood that I was ’big for my age, big boned’ whatever that means? I always had a problem with my weight. I have tried every diet under the sun. I have spent thousands (no exaggeration) on weightwatchers, slimming world, gym memberships, slimming books, health magazines, self-help CD’s, fad diets, hairy dieters and anything else that would ‘lose’ the weight and take me to the magical numbers ’12 – 14’ again. Over 10 years ago I even spent £485 on a ‘life changing’ 2-hour hypnotherapy course. It didn’t change my life – it restricted it, as I had to eat at regimented times and not at evening meal times. It showed a poor example to my then young family.

Therefore, as a young woman, a Mother and now heading towards middle age I was and still am overweight, morbidly obese and putting my health at risk. I was reluctant to do anything about it until recently. I then saw the advert for Gareth’s hypnotherapy weight loss course and I began to think about Gareth’s hypnotherapy weight loss course. At £400, let alone £800 it seemed like an awful lot of money for another failure. I was wrong, so wrong.

Seeing Gareth was a game changer. He explained that there was no rigidity, no restrictions, no calorie counts, no forbidden food, no hidden extras and no further lay out. Just 6 weeks of regular 90-minute sessions and follow up CD’s to use at home. Ok, I admit I was sceptical and cynical – and now I eat my words. Talking to Gareth is as easy as breathing. He understands and makes things simple and straightforward. I really enjoy the talking but not as much as the hypnotherapy.

I am into the second week of the course. I have followed the instruction to the letter lol. Eat what I normally do, drink more water and listen to the CD at least 5 times. Even I could follow that! I am now feeling fuller for longer. I want more healthier meals salad/veg and fruit. My comfort foods are no longer comforting, I have new comforts that soothe me and make me feel less bloated. Some foods don’t taste as nice as they used to – butter, chocolate and bread.

The CD I listen to, on break and at night. Wow – the quality of it is just like having my own personal Hypnotherapy session over and over. It also helps me relax and sleep. But the most important part of it, is that I feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel. For sure it’s early days, but I want to take control of my health and even though it’s only been 9 days. I can see cheekbones and my jeans are not so ‘snug’. I think this may just work, and I am excited enough to go for a little walk. I feel more positive and I am doing ‘nothing’.”

So, if this sounds like something you would be interested in – please get in touch, I look forward to working with you!
Take care

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