Client Relaxation CD




Just imagine – floating and drifting in the most wonderful state of calm…

Comfortable and relaxed…

Drifting deeper…

Sounds good?

Just imagine – warm and peaceful, feeling so wonderfully calm and relaxed.

This Deep Relaxation recording is a downloadable version of my most used session.

The ability to deeply relax is incredibly important to aid mental health, as well as physical wellbeing.

Unfortunately, in these busy times, it seems that less and less people are taking time to relax and recharge. Now you can experience professional quality hypnotic relaxation in your own home.

This recording has helped hundreds of real-life clients in my practice. This recording is incredibly useful as It primarily induces relaxation, but on deeper levels can help with so much more, including:

    • Insomnia
    • Anxiety
    • Low Mood
    • Motivation
    • Tiredness
    • Nervousness
    • Lack of Concentration
    • Mind Focus
    • Apathy
    • Inner Calm
    • Muscle Tension
    • Feelings of Dread

Remembering how to relax deeply and fully can help with all these issues. I say remembering, because we all once knew how to relax, but in this hurly-burly modern world we simply seem to have forgotten.

Simply use this recording to rekindle those skills – the skills that are absolutely necessary to ensure quality of body and mind.