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Many of us fear death, we fear something happening to us, our loved ones, family or friends.  We often don’t like talking about death and dying, we find it morbid or sad and most of us will avoid talking about it or dealing with it until it is absolutely necessary to do so.

Each of us will at some point know the pain that a death brings and what I want to ask you is ‘how can I help you at this time’?  As a counsellor specialising in bereavement and loss, I can tell you that no person can avoid grief, as much as we try and block it out or ignore it.  Its a roller coaster of feelings and emotions that very often make no sense. Many times in order to avoid the pain that a personal loss brings we avoid ‘feeling’ it. We deal with the practicalities such as funeral arrangements, clearing out homes or taking clothing to a charity shop. Getting back to work or back in a routine where we are ‘busy’. Often times it is when we think we are getting over the loss and starting to find some normality in our new way of thinking or life without our friend or loved one that we may realise that we haven’t. This is often the time that we can benefit from having someone to talk to, this may be the time when you don’t want to bother others, or people have assumed you are coping well with the loss.

Often times we can be hard on ourselves and grief can be complex and confusing and sometimes we don’t have the answers that we need.  Sometimes we don’t have the answers our dependants  or young children need.  Sometimes we don’t have support or understanding and that’s where I come in to help. I am a member of the BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy) and I have a updated DBS (disclosure and Barring service) check. I have experienced loss on a personal level and I know that although our experiences are similar our journeys through the process are never the same. Having volunteered before and after qualifying as a counsellor with Cruse, I understand that grief can be a whole range of emotions that sometimes need a listening ear and maybe some information.

All counselling sessions are £35 per session within opening hours and last up to 1 hour, please allow for extra time on your first visit. If you feel that bereavement counselling can help, or if you would like to know more please don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask a question or book an appointment when you feel ready. Until then, take care of yourself.

Occasionally, I will take on a client at a reduced cost, if that client is genuinely unable to meet the full cost of therapy and you are seeking help for yourself or children. Please contact me although I do have a waiting list, you can be added. In the meantime there are many free or donation only charities such as CRUSE, SANDS etc that may be able to help with your loss, again please feel free to contact me as I have access to a database of charities.