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Aromatherapy has been practised since ancient times, and it is a wonderful holistic therapy treatment.  Aromatherapy uses a blend of pure essential oils with a carrier oil which will increase the full effect of the oils on your mind, body and soul.  Aromatherapy oils can also be diffused into the air or used in a water immersion.  Aromatherapy has been practised since ancient times and it is a gorgeous holistic therapy treatment.  Aromas are reminiscent of memories, the right blend can make you feel warm, relaxed, comforted and happy. With the right blend they can revive you, complement or enhance your mood. This is because the limbic system links directly to your brain through your sense of smell. Aromatherapy is awesome at helping you relax or lift your mood and not only that, but the oil also works its magic when it is massaged into your skin. Not only does the oil release it’s beautiful scent you also get the direct skin contact from the massage.

So now the science bit as suggested by the CNHC ‘Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of essential oils to help deal with everyday stresses and emotional well-being. Essential oils, extracted from plants, are thought to possess distinctive properties, which may be used to improve overall emotional and spiritual health imbuing the user with a sense of relaxation and calmness. In a typical aromatherapy session, you will be asked about medical history, general health, well-being and lifestyle. Taking a full case history to match physical and emotional needs with essential oil combinations helps the aromatherapy practitioner to choose and blend the safest and most appropriate essential oils for the individual. As each essential oil has a distinct composition and therapeutic action, the skill of the Aromatherapist is to match a blend of essential oils with the client’s needs. Applying this bespoke essential oil blend in combination with gentle massage encourages deep relaxation to enhance the therapeutic action of the oils or the aromatherapist may suggest other methods. Aromatherapy may be found to be helpful to those wanting to reduce everyday stress and so, help with the ability to cope, relax and sleep. As well as being used in individual therapy sessions and at home.

As an aromatherapist in consultation I prepare a blend of pure essential oils which I combine with a carrier oil and use in gentle massage to increase the full effect of the oils on your mind, body and soul. Let’s say for example, you want to de-stress, relax or even be feel revived and gain momentum. There are oils that suit every situation, and as a fully qualified aromatherapist I will work with you to create a blend bespoke to you and your needs.

Before you book a treatment, I would usually ask if you want a pre-blended oil or a bespoke treatment. This ensures that I book you in for the correct amount of time needed for the aromatherapy session. Then while I am filling in your treatment plan you have a choice of the oils I choose that are most suited for your needs and are blended with an appropriate carrier oil (never applied neat, or ingested).

My aromatherapy massages are not as intense as a Swedish massage but are enough to ensure that the oils are massaged into your skin to work their magic. The true aim of an aromatherapy massage is to ensure a very gentle session to allow the oils to work their magic and not to manipulate the tissues. The massage works intensely but in an altogether different way. An aromatherapy massage combines the benefits of a regular massage working on circulation, lymphatic drainage and acupressure but with the added advantage of a slower and more gentle relaxed pace with the blend of essential oils tailored to your specific needs.

*Within massage treatments there will be a consultation and there may be some contraindications which may limit or prevent treatment and these can be discussed before booking the appointment.

Recommendations to be mindful of before, during and after an Aromatherapy massage:

  • You will be offered privacy to undress and have time to get onto/off the therapy couch.
  • Please don’t feel embarrassed if you are worried about the bits of your body you don’t like, being massaged! You can opt to avoid areas, just tell me beforehand. Your body is totally covered up throughout  and only the back/shoulders/arm/leg or foot being massaged is uncovered. You are not exposed at all throughout the treatment.
  • Please don’t wear perfume, body spray or deodorant as this will affect the oils.
  • Eat a light meal, as you will be led face down on the therapy couch for a time and you may feel uncomfortable if your stomach is full.
  • Don’t be afraid to tell me if you don’t feel comfortable on the therapy couch and you want to move, or if the room is too warm or too cold.
  • Of course, you can talk to me, but the aim is for you to be able to relax and enjoy the treatment.
  • After the massage is over. I offer you a bottle of water and advise you to drink plenty (not huge amounts) of clear fluids. This will help you to flush the toxins from your body.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol or smoking for at least 8-24 hours, as this will help extend the benefits of the treatment.
  • Eat a light meal as soon as you get home, this also helps to ground your energy.
  • Do not expose your body to strong sunlight (especially in Summer) as the oils will still be on the surface of the skin.
  • Do not bathe for at least 8 hours to allow the skin to fully absorb the oils.  If bathing/showering is unavoidable be careful in bath/shower due to residual oil on the skin.
  • If skin becomes irritated flush/wash with cold water.

When you have an aromatherapy massage with me. I encourage you to book your next appointment to ensure that we maintain the sense of well-being. Maintenance treatments are important to promote and maintain a state of relaxation in both our bodies and minds. Regular Aromatherapy massage treatments can help to preserve your body’s general relaxation, health and positive well-being. Although you can opt for shorter treatments for example a back/back/neck and shoulder massage which is just as beneficial.

The Benefits of Aromatherapy massage

  • Relaxation of the whole person
  • Can help to release stagnant energy
  • Can help to aid concentration
  • Aids elimination of toxins from the lymph system
  • Almost always, brings about a sense of calmness

Treatment maintenance:

Maintenance treatments are important to promote and maintain a state of relaxation in both our bodies and minds. Regular Aromatherapy treatments can help to preserve your body’s general relaxation, health and positive well-being.