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Andrea Jones
Child Wellbeing Specialist

Andrea Jones - Child Wellbeing Specialist - Crow Valley Therapies, CwmbranCrow Valley Therapies are thrilled and proud to announce the latest arrival in the Crow Valley Family – amazing Andrea Jones, a brilliantly experienced child wellbeing specialist, who finds innovative ways to ‘connect’ and reassure children (and their parents!)

Andrea is a qualified wellbeing consultant whose passion is to teach children the tools to feel happy, relaxed and calm.

She offers both unique group classes for parents and children enabling them to develop skills through stories, music and movement, relaxation and magical fun. She also accepts children on a 1:1 basis, using her skills and patience to resolve issues

Classes are suitable for children aged 4-9 where they will be encouraged to learn a range of techniques to help with:

* Self esteem
* Concentration
* Focus
* Managing their emotions
* Staying calm
* Positive thinking
* Breathing exercises
* Relaxation
* Meditation
* Visualisation

Move – Feel – Breathe – Believe

For more information, please contact us or call Andrea directly on 07983 246701
or via email at andrea@crowvalleytherapies.co.uk or via the Happy Kids Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/happykidsandreajones